In Between Thoughts...A New World (CD)

In Between Thoughts...A New World (CD)

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In a testament to the expressiveness and depth of Rodrigo y Gabriela’s musicality, In Between Thoughts…A New World wordlessly leads the listener through a complex narrative complete with plot, emotional arcs, and plenty of dramatic tension. Mixed by James Monti (The Who, The Head and the Heart) and mastered by Greg Calbi (Tame Impala, Beach House), the album marks a sharp departure from the duo’s signature acoustic sound, with Rodrigo trading his acoustic guitar for electric, adding a mercurial new energy elegantly amplified by the duo’s subtle use of analog synths, Mellotron, and other electronic instruments. Rodrigo y Gabriela also worked remotely with Vienna-based composer Adam Ilyas Kuruc and The Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra, who ornamented the duo’s serpentine arrangements with lush strings and powerful percussion. Yet even as it pushes into uncharted sonic terrain, the album draws much of its power from the singular dynamic that’s always distinguished Rodrigo y Gabriela’s music, a delicate interplay between Gabriela’s potent and percussive strumming and Rodrigo’s breathlessly fast yet intricate lead guitar work.


True Nature

The Eye That Catches The Dream


Descending To Nowhere

Seeking Unreality

The Ride Of The Mind

Broken Rage

Finding Myself Leads Me To You

In Between Thoughts…A New World